Welcome to CAN Solutions – the Home of CANBarra

CAN Solutions has been producing Vehicle Customisation Solutions for you, our Customers since 2019. We’re most often seen as CANBarra, and to date have shipped over 2000 solutions all around Australia and Internationally. but that doesn’t mean that’s all we are about though.

Where we stand out from the others is Support. We have 30 over years of experience in Systems Engineering and Solutions, Looking after People, Small Medium and Large Companies, Government and even Hospitality. Our Customers know us for bending over backward for Support, for assisting with information and ideas, and going the extra mile.

Our Main Focus, is you!. If you need a hand trying to find some Documentation for an unusual build, or are having trouble with something just not quite working right, reach out to us. We’re not always available, but we do try to be available often when everyone else is shut. We work with many integrators and conversion engineers around Australia to provide solutions that work the way they would from the factory.

Of course, if you do have a problem with one of our products, we’ll also do our best to sort you out quickly. We want you to be happy and feel like you got more than value working with us.