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CANBarra GM CAN Tap Shift Module


GM CAN Tap Shift Module

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Have you seen our GM CAN Tap Shift module?

Working with the Australian GM E38/T43 and later tunes, and currently supporting the VE Commodore shifter, BMW Zf shifter, Lokar shifter and similar shifters 3 wire shifters this module allows you to delete your BCM and keep tap shift.

Three TCM Configurations – Which can be changed after delivery if required (it is easier to Choose when ordering)

  • Up to October 2007 (Early VE, Vehicles had a Separate Sport Mode Button)
  • November 2007 Onward VE.
  • Early VF

VZ PCM/TCM not currently supported, however you should be able to flash your PCM/TCM with a matched tune from a VE Series commodore for full functionality

Support for Later VF PCM/TCM’s is currently being worked on

Additionally, the module has Output for

  • Reverse Lamp Relay
  • optional AC Triggering
  • can be provisioned with our Gear Display showing both the current Gear and the box Temperature.

What’s not to like!

** the Gear Display is the same one we use on the Barra’s
** This module requires removal of the BCM, as otherwise there will be a conflict.   Contact us if you need more info
** Note that the use of TB48 Auto Shifter below is for Vehicles which were TB48 Auto originally.   If your car was not TB48 Auto to start with (you are using the TB48 Auto Shifter) then you need to select “3 Wire Shifter” and wire the shifter up appropriately

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 5 cm
TCM Software Date

Early VE (until Oct 2007), Nov 2007 Onward

Shifter Type

VE Commodore Shifter, TB48 Auto CAN Shifter, 3 Wire Shifter (Lokar, BMW ZF Shifter etc)

Gear Display

Without Gear Display, With Gear Display