CANBarra CAN Translator Module (V2)


The Classic CANBarra CAN Translator Module, with all the features.

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This is the CANBarra CAN Translator Module

This is the one you want to run your Original Cluster from your Barra
For Example : Nissan Patrol Clusters, Ford X Series, E Series and AU series clusters, BMW Non-CAN Clusters etc.

Used to run traditional instrumentation in your vehicle from the Barra PCM.    Supporting BA, BF, FG, and FG Mk2 PCM’s, the module provides a number of Inputs, Outputs and Special Features for your conversion :

Outputs :

  • Tach Output – Programmable from 2-12 cylinder to suit your Application
  • Tach Correction – to fix those minor errors from the Factory
  • Vehicle Speed – programmable to suit most OEM Speedometers
  • Check Engine Lamp Output
  • Engine Over Temperature Lamp Output
  • Oil Pressure Lamp Output (BF Onwards)
  • Alternator Lamp Output (FG Onward)

Inputs :

  • AC input – to allow use of the Barra PCM’s AC Strategy
  • Hall type VSS Input – to allow Speed Input from a suitable square wave DC input

Other Features :

  • BF ZF Speed Input without additional Sensors – The module can Generate a VSS Signal for BF ZF Conversions saving you time and Money
  • Gear Position and Box Temperature Indicator Add-On for ZF Automatics – capable of showing all gears including manual mode
  • Gear Position Indicator Add-On for BTR Automatics – capable of showing all gears including manual mode
  • DOL Add-on for EF, EL, XH and AU series Vehicles, Enabling the Factory Cluster to show Engine Temperature, and Enabling the use of both Climate Control and AC with the Barra PCM

** special notes

  • If you have an E Series Falcon with Climate Control, put as much information as you can in the description.    Year, Series etc.
  • Any AC Support using a Barra PCM requires that you have the ACPT (AC Pressure Transducer) Sensor connected and working in your AC System
  • If you have an EF, EL, XH, or AU Cluster consider the DOL Driver Add-on which will give you additional features such as working Temperature Gauge, and Climate Control in the High Series, Gear Display (where available).
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Tach Output (Cyls)

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R2 Gear Display

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